Katie + Trey | Austin, TX


Their story.

Trey and I met in High School. We didn’t go to the same school but his mother worked for my Dad and we were introduced when he moved in with her. Our folks were thrilled to introduce us. We had a brief teenage romance that ended when we both realized we were headed in different directions. University for me and the Marine Corps for him. Unbeknownst to me he carried my photo on his deployment to Iraq and in between deployments he gave me his dog tags. I wasn’t ready for a long distance relationship so once again we parted ways. Life led us into the arms of other people and nearly a decade passed in which we lived our lives.

When our respective relationships ended we both found ourselves back in our home town and quite literally bumped into each other. We went out for a drink to catch up that evening and have been together ever since. We like to say we saved each other from the loneliness of loved lost…but truth is I think we were always meant for each other. Sometimes life can be funny… So many times we dated but this time felt right. I dont discount the journey love takes anymore. Sometimes it takes the long way around, and I’m so thankful my love came back around to me.

Katie + Trey